Auger Extension

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The Auger Drive Extensions with 2" Hex shaft are designed to be compatible with the 1DSS through 4DSS auger drive models. These auger extensions are manufactured in the USA using high-quality materials and strict quality control standards to ensure maximum durability and performance.

The easy fit design of these extensions makes connecting them to your machine a breeze, allowing you to quickly and easily increase the depth of your earth drilling operations. The welded design of the hub and shaft reduces excess play, ensuring that your holes are straighter and more accurate.

With a maximum torque of 5,000 ft Lbs, these extensions are built to handle the demands of heavy-duty earth drilling. They feature a 2" Hex Hub, and have body dimensions of 3.5" diameter and .3" wall thickness. Additionally, they are designed to be used without the need for adapters, making them even more convenient to use.

These auger extensions are an essential tool for professionals in the earth drilling industry who are looking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. They are designed to provide reliable, long-lasting performance, and are backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


  • 5,000 ft Lbs - Max Torque
  • 2" Hex Hub
  • Body Dimensions - 3.5" Diameter & .3" Wall Thickness
  • Easy fit Design requires no adapters
  • Welded Hub and Shaft reduces excess play ensuring a straighter holes


5 Year Gearbox Warranty
3 Year Motor Warranty
1 Year Structural Warranty


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