Power Rake

Skid Steer Power Rake Attachments

Power rakes, soil conditioner, or even that brand name that sounds like a motorcycle, whatever name you use, these attachments do one thing and they do it well; they rip through dirt and gravel better than any other attachment for a skid steer.

Power rakes come in many sizes and can be set up for standard flow hydraulics or high flow.  These rakes work by spinning a large drum covered in carbide teeth to rip, pulverize, or grade dirt and gravel. 

They are a versatile attachment that can be used for sod removal, breaking up hard packed ground, leveling out dirt and gravel, and raking out rocks and unwanted material (you do have to pick them up though…) 

The Skid Steer Nation line of power rakes are built to last and come with excellent customer service and a full warranty.   

Depending on your need, you can choose from three classes of rakes, professional, commercial, or industrial.

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