4-in-1 Bucket

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Teeth Option

4-in-1 MultiPurpose Bucket: The Ultimate Versatile Skid Steer Tool

Built to Last:

  •  HeavyDuty Construction: Made with A514/A572 steel, known for its immense strength and durability, ensuring this bucket can handle heavy loads and harsh conditions without a hitch.
  •  Replaceable Excavator Teeth: Maintains cutting edge efficiency over time, making it an investment in enduring performance.

MultiFunctional Capabilities:

  •  Loading and Unloading: Simplify handling materials like gravel, soil, and sand. This bucket makes loading and unloading tasks quick and effortless.
  •  Efficient Excavation: Designed for precision and control, it's your goto tool for various excavation projects, allowing you to achieve the desired depth and accuracy.
  •  Flattening and Leveling: Ideal for creating smooth, level surfaces, essential for construction, landscaping, or any project requiring a flat finish.

 Warranty and Shipping

 1 Year Structural Warranty

 Flat Rate Shipping: All orders ship at a flat rate, with costs determined at checkout based on location.

Unleash the full potential of your skid steer with our 4-in-1 MultiPurpose Bucket Attachment. Designed for versatility, it's perfect for leveling, dozing, grading, loading, carrying, digging, and dumping. As the most robust and sizable combination bucket in the market, it promises exceptional performance and longevity, even in the toughest conditions.


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