CH - Hydraulic Height Adjustable Grader

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Width & Blade Configuration
Hydraulic Option
Wheel Kit Assembly

The CH series grader attachment is the ultimate tool for tackling your toughest grading tasks, from spreading stone to backfilling and fine-grading landscape projects to maintaining driveways. This attachment is equipped with powerful features that make it ideal for gravel road maintenance.

Some of the features include:

  • Dual blade configuration
  • Side pans with replaceable skid shoes
  • 3 widths to choose from: 72", 84" & 96"
  • Independent adjustment to each side allows you to create and maintain a crown and control depth cut
  • Long skid bars prevent dipping and gouging
  • Side panels eliminate windrows and retain the material within the grading area
  • Optional serrated cutting edges enhances the ability to break up hard packed materials
  • Dual Hydraulic Option (comes with solenoid valve and electronic hookup)
  • Optional Wheel Assembly available for added depth control

These features provide maximum advantages for gravel road maintenance. The grader cuts out and fills potholes, eliminates washboarding, and leaves the material directly behind the grader, all while maneuvering easily in tight spaces and corners. It spreads and finishes soft and loose materials with ease, getting the job done usually in only one or two passes.



One Year Structural Warranty


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