Dominator Tree Puller with 31" Cab Guard

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The Dominator with 31" Cab Guard: Your Ultimate HeavyDuty Solution

Are you ready for a revolutionary approach to heavy duty tree and brush removal? The Dominator with 31" Cab Guard is engineered for maximum efficiency and durability, making it your goto attachment for tackling extreme loads across diverse tasks.

Key Features

  •  Robust Build: 1" thick AR400 steel jaws capable of withstanding extreme loads
  •  Powerful Performance: Dual cylinder design producing 66,000 lbs. of force for consistent pulling power
  •  Versatility Tested: Field Tested on massive trees, small shrubs, and buried root balls
  •  Operator Safety: Included 31" cab guard enhances safety for the operator
  •  Total Weight: Formidable 1,020 lbs. ensuring efficiency and safety


  •  Spacious Opening: 60” opening easily grasps large objects
  •  HighStrength Design: Jaws made of 1” thick AR400 high strength steel
  •  Enhanced Functionality: Bolton AR400 steel root rippers and serrated sides
  •  Stability Assurance: 3/4” thick vertical jaw braces for added stability
  •  Durability Focus: 3/4” thick upper and lower frame plates for extended lifespan
  •  Structural Integrity: 4″x4″x3/8“ frame cross tubes ensuring robustness
  •  Powerful Cylinders: Twin 3.5”x8” cross tube welded cylinders producing over 60,000 pounds of force
  •  Cylinder Protection: Hydraulic cylinder guards built from 3/8” plate protect cylinders during digging or pulling
  •  Reliability: 2” diameter, CF 1045 main pivot pins for enhanced reliability
  •  Easy Maintenance: Grease fittings on all pivot points for seamless maintenance
  •  Longevity Assurance: Abrasive blasted and powder coated for extended lifespan
  •  Operational Flexibility: Dig with jaws open or closed for versatile functionality
  •  Complete Package: Includes 4780 PSI hoses and flat face couplers for seamless compatibility


Rest easy with our 5 Year Structural Warranty, a testament to the Dominator's quality and durability.


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