E Series Grader

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The E Series Grader stands out due to its exceptional build quality and impressive performance without breaking the bank.

Capable of handling the toughest jobs, the E Series Grader will provide the experience you desire, offering ease of use with cutting-edge technology. 

The dual blade configuration, side pans, and working weight provide maximum advantages for gravel road maintenance. The grader cuts out and fills potholes, eliminates washboarding, and does not leave windrows.

The grader spreads and finishes soft and loose materials with ease and max efficiency, usually in one or two passes.

It can maneuver in and out of tight corners and pivot within a narrow space that would be impossible for large motor graders.

Feature Recap:

  • 2 Widths to choose from: 84" & 96"
  • Comes standard with a front serrated blade and smooth back blade
  • Long skid bars prevent dipping and gouging
  • Side panels eliminate windrows and retain the material within the grading area


One Year Structural Warranty


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