Land Leveler

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Tooth Edge

The land leveler is the ideal attachment for grading, leveling, grooming, and more.

Make short work of your driveway, yard, job site, or anywhere else you need to have a smooth and level surface.

For those tough surfaces the land leveler comes with adjustable scarifier teeth.  Hydraulically set the depth up to 6”.


  • Available in 72” , 84” & 93” models
  • Weight ranges from 940 lbs. - 1200 lbs. (based on width)
  • 3/4” thick AR400 wear resistant scarifier ripper teeth
  • (3) Removable sifting trays
  • Universal attachment plate 

Feature Recap:

  • Bolt on, reversible, AR400, Abrasion Resistant Steel cutting edge with tooth profile on the front and rear for forward and reverse grading.
  • Removable screen trays sift rocks and other debris from the soil
  • Hydraulic scarifying teeth to cut high spots and loosen hard ground
  • Adjustable scarifier teeth are 3/4″ thick AR400 steel and can be set to 3”, 4.5” or 6” depth.
  • Includes hoses, cylinder, and high quality flat faced couplers
  • Tough, durable powder coat finish


5 Year Structural


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