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Tool Set

The Track Handler products are a revolutionary solution for safely and efficiently servicing your heavy machinery on-site.

Compatible with all major brands of skid loaders, excavators, mini excavators, and compact skid loaders, these products were designed with the convenience and safety of the operator in mind.

With the ability to service your machine on-site, you can save money by avoiding costly service calls and keeping your employees on the job. The Armadillo, Beaver Tail, Hammerhead, Power Bar, and Ratchet Strap work together to make track removal and installation a breeze, even for machines with newer torsion style suspensions and those requiring a grease fitting for tightening tracks.

Available as a 3 piece or 5 piece kit, the Track Handler products are a must-have for anyone in the heavy machinery industry.

Disassembly of the front idler is required for open design undercarriage used on ASV machines and machines using ASV track assemblies.

Individual Product Features:

  • Armadillo - An innovative product made from 3/4" thick reinforced tough rubber mat with hot rolled steel bars fastened to both sides of the mat. This product goes inside of the track to aid in removal and installation.
  • Beaver Tail - This cold rolled steel uniquely shaped gripping tool used with a ratchet strap to exert pressure to pull the track back in place of the idler. This greatly reduces the work of manually handling the tracks back onto the machine.
  • Hammerhead - Uniquely shaped steel that mounts onto the Power Bar with inset screws that securely tightens to the bar. When used with the Power Bar, this tool makes pulling off tracks and prying them back onto the idler or sprockets safer because it creates more leverage points to take advantage of.
  • Power Bar - Has a forged steel shaft and contoured handle for ultimate strength and leverage.
  • Ratchet Strap - With double hooks that connects to the Beaver tail to provide the necessary strength to perform track installation.

*Only sold as either 3 piece kit or 5 piece kit.

*3 Piece Kit does not include the Ratchet Strap and the Power Bar


Standard Shipping fee of $60 for the 3 Piece Kit (packed in 2 boxes)
Standard Shipping fee of $75 for the 5 Piece Kit (packed in 3 boxes)


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