Augers and Bits

Augers and bits are a staple for any contractor and land owner.  Augers are used for a wide variety of tasks.  Drilling holes for fence posts, mixing cement (with a cement mixer bowl), planting trees, and even grinding stumps (special bit is recommended)

What makes the augers at Skid Steer Nation different is that all the gears are cut by the manufacturer.  They are not imported or sourced from a supplier.  This ensures that each and every auger will perform every time you use it.

Torque is the “driving” factor of augers.  We have multiple models to choose from so you can find the right fit for your machine and the terrain you need to drill.

Don’t forget the bits… From basic earth auger bits to carbide tipped rock busting bits our selection is sure to have you covered.

And if you really need to drill deep, our extension mount raises the auger so you can drill up to 17' deep.  Yes, seventeen feet deep.

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