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72" Brush Mower with Integrated Push-bar
Clear the Way with Power and Precision


Forge through the wild and untamed land with our robust 72" Brush Mower, a high-performance attachment built for the rigors of farm life and designed to conquer the densest brush. Constructed from tough 1/4" A36 steel, this mower boasts a wide 72" cutting path for efficient, high-volume clearing in challenging terrains.

Powerful and Efficient:

  • Optimized for Standard Flow: Ideal for skid loaders with an 18-25 GPM flow rate, ensuring a harmonious match with your existing equipment.
  • Lift and Cut with Confidence: With a recommended lift capacity of 1500 pounds or greater, tackle heavy loads with ease.

Advanced Cutting Technology:

  • Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor: Delivers reliable performance and consistent power for seamless operation.
  • Versatile Clearing: Effortlessly cut through brush, weeds, and trees up to 5 inches in diameter, leaving a clean and managed landscape.

Strength and Functionality Combined:

  • Integrated Pushbar: Reinforces the mower's structure and channels material efficiently to the blades for a swift cut.
  • Optional Debris Roller: Minimize material buildup and ensure smooth operation with the additional roller feature.

Precision Blades for a Superior Finish:

  • Heat-Treated Steel Blades: Three 5160 heat-treated steel blades spinning at 13,700 feet per minute guarantee high feed rates, prolonged blade life, and reduced maintenance.

Designed for the Demanding Landowner:

  • Durable Build: Quarter-inch A36 steel construction withstands the demands of extensive brush clearing.
  • Triple Blade Cutting Head: Ensures a comprehensive cutting solution for all your landscaping needs.


  • Cutting Width: A substantial 66" cutting path for broad coverage.
  • Dimensions: 72" width, 21" height, and 94" length ensure a substantial presence and reach.
  • Cut Height: Versatile 1.5" minimum cut height to suit various landscaping requirements.
  • Deck Durability: 1/4" steel deck thickness for enduring quality.
  • Flow Compatibility: Perfectly matched with 18-25 GPM standard flow systems.
  • Weight: A solid 1670 pounds for stability and robustness in operation.
  • Load Handling: Best paired with loaders boasting a capacity of over 1500 pounds.


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