XR Ripper with Upgraded Dual Direction Teeth

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Skid Shoe Set (Pair)
Wheel Kit

The XR Ripper attachment is a powerful tool designed to make quick work of any surface material. Whether you're prepping building sites, creating food plots, or working on gardens, the XR Ripper is an essential tool for any project. With a consistent depth control, easily adjustable depth without the need for any tools, and the choice between 76 inches or 84 inches ripper width attachments, this attachment is perfect for any job.

Optional upgrades include bolt-on skid shoes and a bolt-on guide wheel kit to enhance the performance of the XR Ripper. The attachment is made of high strength AR 400 steel and has a weight of 685 lbs. to 805 lbs.

The XR Ripper features includes dual direction teeth that allows you to rip soil going forward and reverse, choice between 7 or 9 ripper teeth, reversible tooth design, 4-inch tube (3/8-inch wall) main frame design, anti-skid steps built into the design, quickly adjustable depth control, high tensile strength AR400 steel rippers, and powder coat finish.

With the XR Ripper attachment, you can easily tackle any surface material and get the job done in no time.

 Optional Upgrades:

  • Bolt-On Skid Shoes
  • Bolt-On Guide Wheel Kit


  • Width – 76 in. or 84 in.
  • Material – High Strength AR 400 Steel
  • Weight – 685 lbs. to 805 lbs.

Feature Recap:

  • Dual Direction Teeth allows you to rip soil going forward and reverse
  • Choice between 7 or 9 Ripper Teeth
  • Reversible Tooth Design
  • 4” Tube (3/8” wall) Main Frame Design
  • Anti-Skid Steps Built Into The Design
  • Quickly Adjustable Depth Control - Requires No Tools
  • High Tensile Strength AR400 Steel Rippers
  • Powder Coat Finish


5 Year Structural Warranty


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